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How Quad Plus Can Help You

Industrial Applications: Quad Plus provides industrial control systems, solutions, and services. From an Electrical Install to complete Turnkey System Integration, our extensive process knowledge is supported by sound electrical design capabilities with a dedication to follow-up service, parts and repairs.
Large Drives - Auto Shredding: Quad Plus Large Drives and Car Shredding Division is a systems integrator that provides industry leading motors and controls for car shredders. We can help you get approval from your power company, design your site's high voltage layout and supply AC or DC car shredder systems.
Oil, Gas and Marine: Quad Plus Oil, Gas & Marine services provides systems & component integrations for many manufacturers. Our end products are safe, reliable, efficient & cost effective systems with minimal down time for both installation and in-use times.
Power Services: Whether you are building a new facility, updating the power distribution within your existing facility, or just looking for assistance with an outage in identifying and addressing a problem within your power distribution system - Quad Plus is there to help.
Industrial Safety Services: Quad Plus Safety provides a safety review’ process package with emphasis on the new machine control and reliability standards. We help our clients comply with industry standards including ANSI B.11 , ISO 12100, ISO 13849, IEC 62061, and RIA R15.06.
Our Story: Quad Plus was founded in 1989 by Ralph Morrison and John Crosetto in Joliet, Illinois. The age mismatched pair, Ralph being 30 years John's senior, sought to challenge themselves and see what they could accomplish.

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