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How Quad Plus Can Help You

Quad Plus solves a pump OEM and end customer challenge to validate high horsepower reciprocating pumps for the fracturing industry to ensure proper performance and reliability by designing and executing function pump test stand. As the industry demands increase for OEM’s and manufactures for providing proven reliable products the requirements for manufacturing and repair centers change over time. Quad Plus is known in many industries to deliver electrically driven solutions for test stands around the world for the purpose of providing solutions to validate products or designs. With the application experience and the talents of the A&E division Quad Plus is able to provide turn-key solutions to clients. In recent years Quad Plus has expanded its horizons to combine the strengths of utilizing their multiple divisions and disciplines to service customers in the engineering, design and execution of constructing test facilities. Quad Plus has experience in a wide variety of test stand and R&D applications where the disciplines of mechanical, civil and electrical come together.

One of our most recent projects was to designing and construct a high horsepower test stand that allows a pump OEM’s to test their frack pumps after production or repair. The test stand solution is suitable to test reciprocating pumps from 1000 to 3000 HP, up to 1,400 gal/min at 15,000 psi. Quad Plus used innovative solutions to create a compact and functional design to meet customer requirements while meeting state and regulatory guidelines while considering functional efficiency and safety. This recent system is an electrically driven solution that is state of the art incorporating data acquisition, multiple testing profiles, multi station CCTV system with integrated thermal cameras, electrically actuated choke, water reclamation and treatment system, hydraulic lubrication system for the power end and fluid end of the pump.

The scope of the 3000 HP test stand project was a turn-key solution constructed in Houston, TX which included design, manufacturing and execution of the site and solution provided. Quad Plus provided the turn-key systems integration to deliver an extremely functional and reliable solution that has allowed the customer to improve the design of their pumps and to meet the extreme demands of their clients to validate performance of the products delivered on a consistent basis.