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Drive Repairs and Parts

Drive Repairs and Parts Services

We are the Northern Regional Repair Center for SIEMENS Reduced Voltage Soft starters and Elevator Starter products and specialize in Drive repair for SIEMENS, ABB and several other manufacturers.

Our technicians use manufacturer specifications to repair and refurbish your products with original spare parts and manufacturer test equipment to OEM quality. We offer a variety of in-house repair and on-site service programs to suit your schedule, budget and needs. Our field service technicians travel worldwide 24-7-365.

How Quad Plus Can Help You

We inspect a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) unit for defects by using a complex series of tests and industrial application simulations. If we find any defects or there are any VFD unit specifications that are out of the manufacturer specified tolerance range, we investigate and repair them. We then retest for function and if everything passes our comprehensive test procedures we then thoroughly clean the drive and get it back in service. We generally test a Variable Frequency Drive Unit by connecting it to a power matched size motor and dynamically loading the motor to make sure the Drive Unit can handle the current and torque requirements specified by the VFD unit’s nameplate.