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Industrial Contract Manufacturing Services

Our services can go beyond the traditional panel shop model by working with clients to create software solutions or providing unique packaging solutions, if needed, or by performing detailed functional testing validating the customers design prior to shipment. In addition, the contract manufacturing team can also provide wiring harnesses or special cable assemblies for integration by others.

The Quad Plus team offers mechanical packaging assistance by using Solid Works and ACAD Inventor 3D to assist in creating a package for the customer along with software development if needed for PLC’s, HMI’s or Variable Speed Drives. Our position in the market is very unique and allows us to bring a new level of service to our clients. Our flexibility and agility in servicing the customer is unparalleled.

How Quad Plus Can Help You

Quad Plus offers a very unique contract manufacturing model for its customer base providing clients with services for one-off projects or working with clients that have a need for repetitive production of electrical systems. Our approach is to work with clients to in many aspects in an effort to manage cost for clients’ projects. Our model works well for client that have a proven design that needs to be manufactured and tested. Quad Plus uses its international footprint and relationships with the various manufacturers to offer clients a competitive advantage when it comes to providing solutions to the market. The Quad Plus Contract Manufacturing team is not a traditional panel shop, but an organization that brings together engineering standards and packaging experience to the table to deliver the customer a high quality solution for the given application.

We work with our clients in a variety of ways to provide the most economical solution while still maintaining the technical edge on the competition. Our contract manufacturing team is second to none when it comes to executing a known or existing design in a time and cost efficient manner.