Machine Safety

Machine Safety

As industrial process equipment continues to evolve, so too has regulatory requirements for enforcement of safety-centric work place designs. In today’s world, an accident can not only affect the future of highly trained personnel, but idle crucial manufacturing resources through repairs, investigations, analysis, and risk mitigation. The financial risk of an unfortunate event can be incalculable in terms of lost revenue and legal liabilities. Quad Plus professionals can provide analysis, mitigation assistance, and compliance services tailored to your facility’s requirements.

Our Projects

Hillsboro Manufacturing's new Manufacturing Plant

Quad Plus designed 100% of this factory for IKO. We worked with IKO to engineer all elements from soil samples (expansive clay), site layout for rail and truck, foundations, steel, tanks, silos, material delivery, machine foundations, piping, and thermal systems.

CertainTeed Roofing's new Jonesburg manufacturing facility

Disclaimer: Quad Plus does not own the rights to these videos. The videos display portions of work performed by Quad Plus.