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Expert Optimization, Analysis, and Compliance for Power Systems

Quad Plus specializes in low and medium voltage power system design and we have the experience and expertise to optimize your systems and improve safety in all your operations. We offer standard and specialized power system studies along with pre- and post-installation power quality audits to precisely target and correct power issues. Our professional engineers work in accordance with all applicable industry standards from the IEEE, ANSI, NFPA, and the NEC.

We are your go-to experts when you’re setting up new equipment or if you run into other obstacles with the power company. We identify all the data you will need to negotiate with the power company and we speak their language so you get approval for your site with less frustration. Our reports include a power single line diagram of the facility and flicker analysis along with recommendations for meeting IEEE and local quality standards in the most cost-effective manner.

Why Quad Plus?

Quad Plus provides professional engineering, systems integration/manufacturing, commissioning, repair and service, and industrial safety. We offer standard and custom power system studies that include all the services necessary for every part of the Integrated System Lifecycle. Whether you’re looking for a local, national, or global company, you can count on the experts at Quad Plus.

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Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

To increase site safety, we provide a turnkey approach for Arc Flash Hazard Assessment that includes data collection, analysis, reports and recommendations, and applying settings and labels. Mitigating the threat from arc flash is critical, and our systems integrators will calculate the incident energy and arc flash boundary for each location in a power system. We also provide training for your personnel including defining safe working distances and suggested clothing requirements and personal protection equipment (PPE) recommendations.

Our goals are to design safer power systems while adhering to all major standards including the NEC, OSHA, NFPA, IEEE, and NESC. We also offer interface options that are simple to use for system design, PPE selection from a pre-populated library of protective clothing options, and reviewing study results. Avoid potential fines, lost productivity, and increased insurance and litigation costs with expert arc flash hazard analysis from Quad Plus.

Load Flow Studies

During the design phase of a new project or when evaluating changes and additions to your current system, a load flow study is necessary to ensure system voltages remain within safe limits or whether additional equipment will be necessary. A load flow study determines the voltage, current, active power, reactive power, and power factor in each line or branch of your power system.

A load flow study also will analyze the following:

  • Component or circuit loadings
  • Steady-state bus voltages
  • Reactive power flows
  • Transformer tap settings
  • System losses
  • Generator exciter/regulator voltage set points
  • Performance under emergency conditions

Power Factor Correction Studies

When it becomes necessary to increase the capacity or efficiency of your system or improve voltage profiles, a power factor correction study will evaluate the ability of your power system to supply the connected load for operating conditions. The study will determine the real (kW) and reactive (kVAR) power flow and power factor through each branch of your power system.

This data from this study is used to determine the following:

  • Reactive power flows
  • Need, ratings, and location of capacitors for power factor correction
  • Basic economic analysis and payback period for recommended equipment

Harmonics and Flicker Analysis

A harmonics analysis determines whether harmonic currents and voltages exceed recommended limits as defined by IEEE 519 and whether remedial actions are necessary. The study typically includes on-site harmonic distortion measurements, data collection, power system modeling, and engineering analysis, and a report with results and recommendations. Examples of these solutions include the installation of tuned harmonic filter banks, phase shifting, and zig-zag transformers.

Coordination Studies

Minimizing hazards to your crew and your equipment and reducing disruptions to the power system is always a priority. A coordination study can achieve this by verifying the clearing characteristics of protective devices such as fuses, circuit breakers, and relays. We can also determine instrument transformer ratios, settings for protective relays, breaker size, and fuse ratings to ensure a safe environment.

Ground Grid Analysis

Electrical safety standards require proper design, installation, and maintenance of substation grounding system and a ground grid analysis evaluates the safety of existing and new ground grids. IEEE standards require systems to minimize electrical shock hazards to personnel and grid systems must limit touch, step and mesh, and transferred voltages to safe values during ground fault conditions.

Short Circuit Studies

Unusually high currents that exceed the capability of protective devices can lead to extremely dangerous situations--even explosions. A short-circuit study will analyze your electrical system to determine the magnitude of currents that are flowing during an electrical fault and then compare those values to the ratings of your protective equipment. Recommendations are then made if any corrective action is necessary.

Transient Motor Starting Analysis

When motors are started, a current that’s five to seven times higher than normal operating current is often necessary. This inrush of current can cause a drop in voltage that prevents the motor from starting and may cause other motors to slow or stall completely. To avoid unnecessary wear on your motors and extend their working life, a transient motor starting analysis will determine whether your system can start the motor successfully or whether compensation is necessary during startups to avoid slowing, stalls, and wear to your motors.

Services Available

Quad Plus offers a wide variety of services to assist you no matter where you are in the system integration lifecycle. For new builds, we offer design and project management services, for existing plants, we can make your operation run smoother and more efficient. For plants with obsolete control systems, we can assist with retrofits and upgrades. No matter your business need, we have you covered!

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We specialize in low and medium voltage power systems and our crew has the experience to precisely target and correct power issues to streamline your production and move stalled projects to completion. Quad Plus is your all-inclusive power systems solution provider for all power services needs.

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