Get Up, Stand Up. It's Good for Your Life!

Drive Safety

Sit On It! - But Probably Don't

There are occasions that we remain standing for most of the day which helps me stay healthy. However, when we are not in the field we take on the responsibilities of a bench technician; where we work on implementing new testing procedures and finalize service reports. We also do in-house repairs and customer service by providing tech support, and we perform most of these duties while sitting down at our desk.

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Transformation - Part 4

In transformation - Part 3, we wrote about the starting point of the CAD Department Development.  In this one, Transformation – Part 4, we have something new for you.  You are probably getting anxious right now about what this story is hiding for you.  We certainly understand, but please bear with us a bit because, at this point, we decided to slow down a little.  Want to know why?  It’s because of, listen…

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Crack the Code on Encoders and Motor Feedback

Safe Cracker

Many motor and drive applications require some type of motor feedback to provide our controls with a direct reflection of what the motor’s shaft is actually doing, such as rotating direction, speed and shaft position. Understanding the difference in encoder types is key to troubleshooting motor problems in the field. I am going to provide you with a brief explanation of the most popular types, including:

  • Tachometers
  • Pulse Encoders
  • Resolver Encoders

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Transformation - Part 3

In transformation No. 2, we concentrated mostly on the Engineering Department’s role when it came to project development.  In the following post, Transformation – Part 3, we will be sharing with you the starting point of the CAD Department Development as it emerged in the year 2014.

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CAD Department Development - Getting Started

Our third post of the CAD Department Development series, titled AutoCAD, will introduce the nature of the CAD Drafter work, and will provide an overview of the main CAUSE of the CAD Department Development work and the overall EFFECT of this development at Quad Plus

We hope that you will enjoy reading our story, and please don’t forget to comment, ask questions, or make suggestions. We will be happy to read your comments and address your concerns.

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Spring into March Madness

Quad Plus Employee March Madness

March 20th was the first day of spring.

For those in the Joliet offices that means two things:

  • Weather will be insane - Snow one day, shorts the next.
  • March Madness begins!

We got to celebrate the latter. Check out the action!

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