Transformation – Part 9 B

Transformation-Part 9-B

Quad Plus Shop:

We are all wondering, what’s up with this project? Some parts are out of their boxes, other parts are laid loosely on the back panels, yet others are being carried to the panel to join other parts. What is going on?

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Transformation – Part 9 A

In previous posts of the CAD Department Development story, we mentioned several AutoCAD features that were used in our electrical design drafting. We spoke about the tremendous change the CAD Department development brought to our performance as CAD drafters. As was previously mentioned, the effect of the development has expanded beyond the drafting department to contribute to Quad Plus’s overall productivity, time saving, safety, and elimination of frustration and boredom. 

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Hops and Bots, Let’s have a drink

Alcohol! The cause of, and soloution to, all of life's problems.

--Homer Simpson

Many new technologies are being implemented in the brewing process to produce the finest and most consistent brews in the craft beer market.

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Ask Al presented by Quad Plus - Siemens Masterdrive Servicing

I have received many notifications about the discontinuation of the Siemens Masterdrive. As an owner of this drive system, this is the type of communication that causes anxiety. Questions such as How am I going to get parts, repairs, and service immediately start swirling in your head. And the biggest question of all is, if I have to remove and replace these drives, how much will it cost, how long will it take, and are their implications to my automation system.

So, what exactly does this notice mean?

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Transformation – Part 8

It has been a while since our last Transformation post! We miss being with you!

In the past few weeks, we worked on something that is a little different. This post include writing about a real Transformation in the CAD Department which is part of what we wanted to communicate with you from the beginning of our CAD Department Development story. Time has finally made it!

Enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment to let us know what you think. We will look forward to reading your comments.

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Fan Photo

How long should you run your fan?

We all know we shouldn’t wait until our cooling fans come to a complete stop before replacing them on our Motor Drive/Power supply units. But how long should you expect that fan to last?

Read on to find the list of factors we consider important when evaluating both new cooling fans as well as fans that are nearing the end of their life cycle.

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Transformation – Part 7

Transformation-Part 6 discussed the idea of the communication process that takes place between the CAD drafter and the AutoCAD software.  In Transformation-Part 7, you will accompany us as we march through the CAD development years and watch some of our CAD team skills’ enhancement. Let’s go…

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