Quad Plus is a single source technology solution for our customers

When John and Ralph started Quad Plus in 1990, they weren't sure of where or how far their challenge was going to take them. The main focus of the newly founded company was service and commissioning, however, it did not take long before the two founder's hard work started to produce industrial project work. Their loyalty to their work and their outstanding reputation brought them new customers and opportunities. To take advantage of these opportunities and keep a great relationship with their clients, Quad Plus sought additional individuals of different proficiencies to join the company. Within a few years, Quad Plus was ready to expand further by offering both its domestic and international clients new services that included professional engineering, drive & industrial breaker repair, machine safety, and power services.

Management of marketing and sales became extremely important to the success of the growing company. Each of the Quad Plus divisions had previously concentrated on selling specific services and solutions within their division. Quad Plus realized that there was potential for lost opportunities with the divisions remaining separated. We decided to invest in a global sales force that would be trained and efficient at all services and solutions within Quad Plus. Selling requires awareness of product availability and functions, constant updates on industrial trends, and replacements or possible repairs of existing parts. Training enhanced Quad Plus global sales team experience in a way that encouraged every division to offer a wider breadth of services and solutions. Quad Plus can now look for the proper opportunities within their clients to help provide them with a singe source of solutions for their problems.

Our Customers need to know that working with Quad Plus can be very convenient as they only need to contact one sales person in order to get their concerns addressed. Implementing the strategy of offering "a single source technology solution" is expected to build better relationships with our customers.

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