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Shipping Damage!

Shipping Disaster

Instead of writing a witty introduction, I've spent the last 45 minutes staring at this train/truck fiasco.

There had to be at least one kid who woke up full of excitement on Christmas morning only to hear "Remember that toy train you wanted for Christmas? You'll never guess why you aren't going to be getting it..."

Whether it's that kid's therapy sessions or a damaged drive, shipping issues can cost a ton of money. So I'd suggest reading the post to find out ways to keep your drives save while in transit. It's pretty important.

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Transformation - Part 5

In Transformation – Part 4, the writer shared with you her perspective about the CAD Department Development Story, and asked you to move with us to Transformation – Part 5 to get introduced to the software, so we can share a nice understanding of our CAD work.  

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Transformation - Part 4

In transformation - Part 3, we wrote about the starting point of the CAD Department Development.  In this one, Transformation – Part 4, we have something new for you.  You are probably getting anxious right now about what this story is hiding for you.  We certainly understand, but please bear with us a bit because, at this point, we decided to slow down a little.  Want to know why?  It’s because of, listen…

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Crack the Code on Encoders and Motor Feedback

Safe Cracker

Many motor and drive applications require some type of motor feedback to provide our controls with a direct reflection of what the motor’s shaft is actually doing, such as rotating direction, speed and shaft position. Understanding the difference in encoder types is key to troubleshooting motor problems in the field. I am going to provide you with a brief explanation of the most popular types, including:

  • Tachometers
  • Pulse Encoders
  • Resolver Encoders

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Transformation - Part 3

In transformation No. 2, we concentrated mostly on the Engineering Department’s role when it came to project development.  In the following post, Transformation – Part 3, we will be sharing with you the starting point of the CAD Department Development as it emerged in the year 2014.

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