Quad Plus Technical News

Quad Plus™ – Houston now certified to ISO 9001:2015!

Quad Plus™ is excited to announce that our Houston office successfully transitioned the NSA Quality Management System (QMS) Certification to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. The Houston office received its ISO 9001:2008 certification in April 2016 and has passed each External Registrar audit without a finding. The transition to ISO 2015 presented us with an opportunity to streamline many of our work processes while also incorporating the new requirements for business strategic planning, risk evaluation/mitigation, and organizational knowledge sharing into the QMS. We congratulate our team for successfully achieving this critical milestone, but more so for patiently using the QMS work processes in order to help us improve them. We are looking forward to our 3-year ISO 9001 Certification renewal audit in February 2019.

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Ask Al presented by Quad Plus - Semiconductors

Diode, SCR, IGBT, SGCT, IGCT Puck and Isolated Base packages are used in all variable speed drive systems. A failure of one of these devices is typically the most costly from both the repair and downtime points of view. In this video, we discuss some myths and practical actions you can take to properly diagnose semiconductor problems and replace devices.

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