Zentel Tech Optimizes Rare Book Storage HVAC

Zentel Tech was contacted by the director of commissioning for a world renown institution to investigate issues with the HVAC in their rare book storage. Zentel Tech reviewed all of the information and equipment. The initial complaint was that the heat was being carried over to the supply air from the desiccant regeneration system causing the temperature to rise in the rare book storage. A secondary issue was the motor for the desiccant wheel failed due to the motor leads overheating.

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Shredder Life! A 4,000HP Belted Shredder System!!!

Quad Plus was out for our annual maintenance on a 4,000HP Belted shredder system! Quad Plus works with companies of all sizes to create AC or DC drive systems that include an electric motor, transformer(s), circuit breakers, and electric drive cabinet. This technology converts electricity from the utility line to power the shredder, providing more functionality at a lower cost. Making this energy-efficient yet powerful technology available to customers is the primary focus of the Large Drive Division within Quad Plus.

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Scott's Scraps: SIEMENS K-Frame Rebuild

A complete teardown and rebuild of a SIEMENS MasterDrive K-Frame caused by an improperly placed IGBT within the U phase leading to a dangerous arc-flash event. Our in-house expert Scott, documents the steps that Quad Plus takes to rebuild from this costly issue. Make sure to always have your drives serviced and maintained.

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Scott's Scraps: SIEMENS Sinamics PM240 Power Block

The Drive had a massive failure within a U phase IGBT, causing damage to the IGBTs, IGBT Control Board and the Bus distribution plate and insulators. VeeArc will clean and repair the IGBT and IGBT Control Board assembly, rebuild the Bus distribution plate Insulators and perform a full functionality test to save the end user the cost of a New Drive replacement and get their motor back up and spinning like a ballerina on a merry-go-round.

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Quad Plus Adds Seven New Synchronous Motor Field Application Systems at The Chicago Water Departments South Water Purification Plant

Quad Plus has completed their installation portion of the 45 million dollar Electrical Distribution revamp of The City of Chicago’s South Water Purification Plant. This first phase of the project was to install 9 new PCP’s (Pump Control Panels), for 7 synchronous and 2 induction motors. These panels completely changed how the motors were started from the existing systems installed in the late 1940’s. The installation team consisted of MG Electric (general contractor), Quad Plus (provided 7 Synchronous Motor Field Applications Systems), Siemens Industry, Inc. Switchgear Division (supplied new Switchgear and motor starters), and Allen ICS (Supplied SCADA equipment and programming). One of the challenges was that the Plant could not be shut down to accomplish this retrofit.

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Ask Al presented by Quad Plus - Medium Voltage Drive Topology Primer

Recent semiconductor technology advances have resulted in an increase of medium voltage drive models on the market. Unlike the low voltage market, these drives offer a variety of power circuit topologies. This video primer reviews the most common topologies available from major vendors, along with key advantages and challenges.   

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Ask Al presented by Quad Plus - Semiconductors

Diode, SCR, IGBT, SGCT, IGCT Puck and Isolated Base packages are used in all variable speed drive systems. A failure of one of these devices is typically the most costly from both the repair and downtime points of view. In this video, we discuss some myths and practical actions you can take to properly diagnose semiconductor problems and replace devices.

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Ask Al presented by Quad Plus - Siemens Masterdrive Servicing

I have received many notifications about the discontinuation of the Siemens Masterdrive. As an owner of this drive system, this is the type of communication that causes anxiety. Questions such as How am I going to get parts, repairs, and service immediately start swirling in your head. And the biggest question of all is, if I have to remove and replace these drives, how much will it cost, how long will it take, and are their implications to my automation system.

So, what exactly does this notice mean?

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How long should your fan run for?

We all know we shouldn’t wait until our cooling fans come to a complete stop before replacing them on our Motor Drive/Power supply units. By not having the proper cooling ventilation on our equipment it can cause overheating causing electronic devices to malfunction or fail resulting in severe damage to the Drive/Power Unit. .

So...what are some of the steps to prevent these types of failures

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Ask Al presented by Quad Plus - Reforming Capacitors

Many AC Drives and other inverter types (i.e. solar) contain aluminum electrolytic capacitors for DC bus filtering. If these capacitors have been in storage for a period of time, for example in your spares, they may explode if reforming is not performed BEFORE applying full power. In this video we explain what is going on in the capacitor and what you can do to prevent explosions.

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Your Drives Are Safe with Us

At Quad Plus we care about your drives and aim to provide a safe working environment for the sensitive electronics that your company depends on. Our state-of-the-art repair shop ensures the correct handling of your equipment so you can rest assured that devices are functional right out of the package once you receive your repaired shipment.

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Understanding the Essentials of RIA R15.06:2012

The new Robotics Industry Association (RIA) standard for robots and robot systems (RIA R15.06:2012) will have a significant impact on all businesses using robotic automation. It’s important that all businesses that utilize robots in their facilities are aware of the changes to robotic safety that have been brought about by this new standard update, and begin to set aside both funds and time in order to implement the new changes in an efficient manner.

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OSHA Compliance

Simply Being “OSHA Compliant” Is Not Enough

Clients often ask: Does OSHA require compliance with ISO 13849, (such as evaluating a machine control system to insure it meets the correct Performance Level)? Perhaps a more accurate question is: What is the difference between compliance and liability?

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Machine Safety Standards

With so many rules and regulations related to safety, it can be confusing to figure them all out.

To help clear things up, we do our best to explain the ISO 12100:2010, ISO 14121-1:2007, ISO 13849-1:2006 Safety Standards

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Wait More Than a Year, Fuses You May Clear

Virtually all low voltage Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) that have not been powered up for over a year must be reformed or they could vent upon power up causing serious damage to the internal components of the Drive. Quad Plus offers reforming services both onsite and in house, as well as Capacitor bank studies and evaluations.

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What Makes A Factory Smart?

The majority of us own a smart phone. Why not make our Industry Smart too?

As technology keeps improving and is implemented into the industrial world, Industry 4.0 is starting to play a prominent role.

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CAD Department Development - Getting Started

When a project reaches our CAD Department desks, we, the CAD team, start developing the schematic and Mechanical drawing sets. Let’s not forget, however, that back in the day - which is around the year 2014 and before, we could only develop the schematic part of the project drawings. Upon completion, we submitted the drawing set to the shop to use in developing the Back-Panel layout.

Today, we are easily able to develop all drawings needed for any of the company’s projects ?  Ambition, commitment, & determination of the CAD team, along with Quad Plus Management’s support & guidance, brought our CAD work great success during the time of development.

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I weeennnnttt tooooo the Danger-zone!!

Most manufacturing facilities use floor tape or painted lines on the floor to differentiate various zones and personnel traffic areas. Knowing what color the DANGER or Hazardous areas are marked with is very important to your life expectancy as a Field Service Technician. However there are currently no government-mandated regulations regarding Floor tape color codes.

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Don't Start No Static!

Electro-static discharge (ESD) can be a serious problem when handling electronic equipment. It can cause permanent damage in both an immediate and latent fashion causing components to fail prematurely. The little electric arc we produce when touching a door knob is somewhere between 2,000 and can be as much as 35,000 volts!

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Do you know the many ways to use PWM?

Pulse-width Modulation (PWM) is a term used to describe a digital output signal being sent to constant HIGH depending on the duty cycle and can be programmed to control different applications in a control circuitry. This same technology is being used to run the fan for your PC device you are using while reading this blog.

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CAD Department Development - Accuracy with Efficiency

In recognition of the CAD Department’s distinguished improvement over a very short period of time, Quad Plus was pleased to ask the CAD Team to share their skill development story with Quad Plus website viewers. The CAD Team agreed to provide the website with one post every week where they will tell our readers about the accomplishments and the outcomes of their development. The CAD team will provide as many posts as needed until the story has been told.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our story, and please don’t forget to comment, ask questions, or make suggestions. We will be happy to read your comments and address your concerns.

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Don't Put The Squeeze on Your IGBT's

When removing and replacing a defective Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) be sure to remove all residual thermal transfer compound and remove any dirt or grime on the heatsink.

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Don't Blow Your Cap Off!

Capacitors play a major role in our Variable frequency drives (VFD), keeping them up-to-date and working properly can save us from major headaches down the line.

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Improved True Constant Tension Brush Arm Package

Quad Plus is excited to introduce the enhanced True Constant Tension Brush Arm package, ideally suited for longer run times and increased productivity. After undergoing more than two years of testing, we’re confident that this new brush holder has been truly perfected.

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