Quad Plus, Inductive Automation Certified!

Quad Plus is delighted to announce that we are officially certified in Inductive Automation. Our automation engineer Riley Moss has passed the Core Certification test which grants Quad Plus the Certified Integrator title.

Some perks of being certified in Inductive Automation include:

  • Unlimited Licensing: one server license allows you to have unlimited tags, database/PLC connections, and clients (screens or devices)
  • Modular Software: you are able to mix-and-match different pieces of their software to fit a client’s need more specifically. They also offer packages for easy selection and 3rd party modules from certified developers.
  • Cross-Platform compatibility: Ignition works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Also, can run on desktops, servers, laptops, and tablets.
  • Web-Based: the software can be launched from both a file or from the internet on web-enabled PCs or mobile devices. This can also be launched from a private network. This allows for rapid updating and testing.
  • Scalability: Ignition can be used for both small networks, such as one line with a few screens, one PLC, and one network, to large networks, such as a full factory with many lines, each having their own set of screens, PLCs, and databases.
  • Development: Ignition uses the Python software development language, which is the second most used programming language so there is a large community for training and support.
  • Training: IA offers both on-site and off-site training as well as an online “Inductive University” with videos and examples of all the pieces of Ignition.
Ignition by Inductive Automation