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Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing Services

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Rubber and Plastics Services

The Rubber and Plastics division of Quad Plus was established to apply our extensive experience in Metal and Paper to the unique needs of the Rubber and Plastics end-users and OEM’ s. We have combined our proven technical expertise in control system design with advanced process insight.

How Quad Plus Can Help You in the Rubber, Plastic, and Tire Industry

Advanced interfacing techniques are utilized for a seamless control system. We can offer new and retrofit control application to your equipment needs including:

  • Extrusion Lines, Twin and Single Screw
  • Complete Extrusion Line Integration, including: Upstream and Downstream Processing/Handling
  • Film and Sheet Web applications
  • Calender Lines
  • Coating Lines
  • Laminating and Embossing Lines
  • Man-made Fibers
  • Spun-bond Non-wovens
  • Controls for Classified Environments
  • Mixing
  • Feed and Conveying Systems
  • Tire Extrusion Lines
  • Conveyor Belt Extrusion and Curing
  • Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)
  • Injection Molding Control Retrofits