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Our Oil and Gas Industry Services

Equipment for oil and gas use the same core technologies as industrial and manufacturing equipment, with important differences. Designs must account for rough handling, extreme operating conditions, and constraints of space and weight. Whether providing rapid turnaround repair, retrofitting existing equipment or designing new solutions, Quad Plus has the experience and knowledge to offer assistance with:

  • Diesel or turbine generator control and regulation
  • Switchboards, switchgear, and circuit protection
  • Automated power management
  • Variable speed motor drives, AC and DC
  • VFDs for drilling systems
  • Soft start motor controls
  • Crain, winch, pump drive and control systems
  • Electric propulsion systems
  • Vessel management systems
  • Land rig electric drilling systems
  • Cooling systems
  • E-House Assemblies
  • HMI/Control panel design
  • Automated process control
  • E-Fracking Systems

When systems become unreliable or uneconomical, Quad Plus offers:

  • Retrofit design, manufacturing, and integration with existing systems
  • New system design, manufacturing and onsite integration services
  • Power systems studies, testing, and analysis
  • Design and documentation services provided according to the client requirements
  • Field service by qualified technician for repairs and installation

When new equipment applications are needed, Quad Plus provides:

  • System design and integration
  • Collaborative or general contract management.
  • Documentation support
  • General manufacturing and site installation
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) system components
  • General engineering support

How Quad Plus Can Help You

We work with clients to determine optimized solutions to meet both engineering and budgetary requirements. As a frequent supplier to OEM equipment manufacturers, Quad Plus becomes part of the team, producing designs and documentation compliant with OEM standards. Where legacy machinery remains viable, an engineered right-sized solution can extend equipment useful life with modern controls and power management at significant savings with minimal disruption of operations. With locations across North America and Europe, Quad Plus can be your single-source solution partner. Contact us for more information.