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Paper and Pulp

Paper and Pulp

Paper and Pulp

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How We Can Help Your Paper and Pulp Service Needs

Quad Plus has a wide range of solutions to improve the energy efficiency of pulp and paper mills, from power distribution and process electrification to energy thermal systems. We also offer automation and advanced process control solutions that improve quality, productivity and reliability while increasing energy efficiency.

Primary Paper

An industry leader for the drive system, process automation & power delivery. Quad Plus has an unparalleled commitment to application superiority in the field of Primary Paper. Expert Services include:

Secondary Paper & Paper Converting

From “Woodyard to Winder”, Quad Plus has established itself as an industry leader for drive system, process automation and power delivery solutions. Application expertise, specific to the Pulp and Paper process, contributes to the knowledge required to provide our customers with superior solutions.

  • Winders and Re-winders
  • Two Drum Surface Winder with regenerative unwind
  • Two Drum Surface Winder with mechanical brake unwind
  • Surface Winder with center wind assist
  • Center winder
  • Machine automation including:
  • Unwind tension
  • Rider Roll loading/relief profile
  • Drum load-share profile
  • Auto-Stop on length or diameter
  • Slitter Positioning
  • Super Calendar
  • Coating
  • Printing
  • Slitting