Electric Propulsion

Electric Propulsion Systems

Quad Plus offers extensive experience with propulsion systems, AC and DC drive systems, and control support for onboard machinery in offshore drilling systems. Legacy DC propulsion systems often benefit from upgrade to new technology while increased automation allows data analysis leading to better efficiency and predictive maintenance. Depending on the work required, the Quad Plus team can work with you to perform upgrades with a minimum of down time.

Service or replacement components will be chosen according to mechanical or electrical specifications for offshore or harsh environment use as necessary. Common systems addressed include:

  • Automation systems
  • LV or MV Variable Frequency Drives
  • Switchgear and Switchboards
  • Generator controls and power management systems
  • Engineering Studies

How Quad Plus can help you

We listen to client needs and provide solutions customized to meet those needs using up-to-date automation, control and generator management systems. Whether new systems or retrofitting existing systems, Quad Plus works to provide the best value to meet client needs.