Generator Control/Distribution

Generator Control Distribution

Generator Control and Distribution

Generator Control and Distribution

Quad Plus offers a wide variety of generator control and distribution options for operations on or off grid locations such as drilling, fracturing, or cogeneration operations. The following lists show common options for remote power configurations.

Variable Capacity Swing-Unit Controls for Drilling Power and Distribution:

  • Controls for: Diesel Prime mover
  • Multiple GENSET controls: Automatic synchronized one to quantity “n”
  • Packaging: Trailer, Skid, E-House, Cabinet Splits for installation
  • Low Voltage for direct connection: 480, 600 VAC 3-Phase
  • Capacity management: Automatic start, manual start
  • Bus location: Cabinet Top, Cabinet Bottom
  • Switchgear: Integrated, separate or customer provided

High Capacity Frac Power Controls and Distribution:

  • Controls for: Gas Turbine Generator 5-30MW Independent Non-Synchronized
  • Packaging: Trailer, on Skid
  • Controls/Distribution Packaging: Co-Located or Separate Enclosure
  • Voltage: Low Voltage, Medium Voltage 3-Phase
  • Switchgear And Distribution: At Generated Voltage or to Step Down Transformers

How Quad Plus Can Help You

We evaluate your power needs and provide solutions customized for maximum utility and dependability. Quad Plus works to provide the best value to meet client needs. Contact us for more information.