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Oil, Gas and Marine Industrial Services - Our Experience

The Houston based Quad Plus team is a full service system integrator servicing various industries and markets, but has spent the past three decades working in the upstream market providing electrical solutions for its client base, solving challenging problems whiles providing outstanding customer service and support. The Houston office is a known leader in design and manufacturing of electrical and control solutions that are used for mobile and fixed installations. The Oil and Gas industry places emphasis on reliability and durability of the electrical solutions. Quad Plus combines the decades of experience for systems integration and multiple disciplines under one name allowing the customer the opportunity to have a single source for all its needs when it comes to electrical design, integration, manufacturing and field support and service.

How Quad Plus Can Help Your Oil, Gas and Marine Industrial Service Needs

As the industry has evolved and demands for innovation have pressed the envelope of power per cubic foot, Quad Plus has developed solutions for applications such as Fracking or Well Stimulation by combining standard product with unique techniques for packaging to create a reliable and rugged mobile VFD solution for both low voltage and medium voltage applications. There is a demand for high horsepower VFD’s to be used in pressure pumping and well stimulation applications that range from 3000 HP to 7500HP with a desire to operate from generator plants providing line voltage from 480V up to 13,800V. Quad Plus has recently joined forces with a major manufacturer to create a versatile, rugged, portable, outdoor rated medium voltage VFD package derived from combining two known existing solutions into one competitive solution.

Quad Plus has also brought its experience of the industrial world from the data acquisition and process automation teams to the industry to provide the services of implement new technology to the industry for the purpose to gain additional knowledge and improve operational efficiency for oil and gas upstream and mid stream projects where there is a demand for portable and modular systems. Our approach to allowing the customer to have a modular system for the purpose of flexibility due to site constraints or job requirements we provide a team of experts with the automation knowledge for enhanced networking, wireless connectivity for modular control systems.