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Car Shredder Drives

AC Drives for Car Shredders

We also have knowledgeable systems integrators to design your system to meet your needs and power company requirements. Others supply a standard package of equipment which may not be an optimal design. Quad Plus will meet with the power company and give you options for meeting their power quality requirements and your production goals.We design a complete solution from the power company poles to the drive shaft.

Quad Plus has power quality experts, high voltage, and mechanical and electrical controls systems integrators on staff — all with years of experience with automobile shredders.Get more productivity out of your Auto Shredder and lower your energy costs with the next generation of shredder drive controls.

AC motor

DC Drives for Car Shredders

Power companies allow DC without expensive line upgrades or power conditioning equipment. DC drives replace gas and diesel engines with state of the art heavy duty motors that run at any speed, jog forward and reverse to clear jams, and a built in electric brake to stop. They lead to better productivity with faster load response, lower initial cost, and 100% torque to zero RPM. The overall end goal we provide is a fast payback and changeover.

DC motor DC motor

Liquid Rheostat Controls

Quad Plus can provide a standard AC Wound Rotor Motor system controlled by a liquid rheostat. We use high quality liquid rheostats with moving electrodes. This has been a proven system for many years. Quad Plus controls employees have made improvements to this solution by more fully integrating the controls of the various pieces of equipment. And Quad Plus field service staff can provide the maintenance and support to keep you up and running.

Quad Plus supplies a complete integrated package that can include:

  • TECO-Westinghouse AC Wound Rotor motor
  • Liquid Rheostat
  • Motor Starter
  • Cooler for the Liquid Rheostat
  • Power Factor Correction Capacitors
  • Switchgear
  • Static VAR Compensator
  • Substation Transformer

TECO-Westinghouse Motors

For new systems, TECO-Westinghouse supplies motors that have the highest overload capacity and quality manufacturing in the industry. For existing systems, motors can be designed to be ‘drop in’ replacements or spares for your current motor.

The Quad Plus Clean Power Drive replaces the liquid rheostat to control AC WR Motors on car shredders. It dramatically reduces flicker, increases productivity and lowers your power bill. TECO-Westinghouse motors are optimized to work with the Clean Power Drive.