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For large systems or specific equipment needs, Quad Plus serves as a leading supplier and problem solver to upstream petroleum companies. Advanced technology, innovative design, and flexibility are keys to engineering right-sized solutions for process automation, power generation, variable speed drive systems, control, and safety systems. While each job can present different challenges, our team strives to develop the client solution with the following common principals:
  • Capture client requirements into measurable equipment improvements.
  • Work supplier independent to allow choice of the most optimized products for the client.
  • Design and implement solutions that involve a minimum of disruption.

How Our Oil Gas and Marine Services Can Help You

Quad Plus can provide new engineered solutions or provide minimal disruption options to extend the useful life of legacy systems by replacement of obsolete or unsupportable components. When others cannot, we can. We make every effort to find a solution that fits your need and budget.

Our broad experience in the industry extends across a wide product and application knowledge base of manufacturer’s equipment such as ABB, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Converteam-GE, GEIFIX , Hitachi, Rockwell, and Wonderware to name a few. Our Power Services Group provides unparalleled support for customers with legacy or classic products such as ABB ACS600, ACS800, Siemens Masterdrive 6ES70, 6RA70, 6RA24, MV-3000 drive products and more. Contact us for more information.