Demand Charge Limiters

30 Day Demand Cycle

Demand Charge Limiters

Take Control of Your Power Bill with Demand Charge Limiter

The demand fee is the highest portion of your power bill (sometimes as much as 70%), and is typically based on the highest 15 minute demand in the monthly billing cycle. A customer using 3500 KW on the first day of the month will pay that amount even if the mill is down the remaining 29 days. The goal of the Quad Plus solution is to clip those peaks and save you money.

Save your operation thousands of dollars a year on power bills! At the same time, this Quad Plus signature software allows you to define demand charge parameters based on production needs. The bottom line: more efficient energy use and a consistent utility bill.

Our Process: How Quad Plus Can Help You

Step One: Programmed for Success

  • Quad Plus determines how the power company calculates demand charge on your bill
  • Actual demand fee ($/KW) is documented
  • Code is added to DC Drive PLC calculating demand charge to align with power company calculations

Step Two: You’ve Got the Power

  • You determine the KW demand you want to see on your power bill, considering production requirements
  • Manager enters target KW demand on setup screen and activates the program
  • System begins calculating predicted KW and Actual KW
  • If actual exceeds forecast during production, small corrections will bring actual below forecast
Demand Limiters

If the RED line (Actual KW Average) exceeds the GREEN line (forecasted KW usage) current limitation will begin. Once the GREEN line exceeds RED line current limits will return to setpoint 900 Seconds = 1 Period. A display on the HMI operation screen provides a quick visual indicator of Actual KW (Red) versus forecasted KW (Green). Current limitation begins if/when Red exceeds Green. Once the GREEN line exceeds RED line current limits will return to setpoint.

Demand Limiters