Risk Mitigation

Industrial Machine Risk Mitigation

Machine Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Machine Safety Muting Zones

Once the relevant risks have been identified in a process or procedure, the next step is to develop a specific plan to minimize the risks involved.

Sentinel Machine Safety will work to create hazard maps to identify areas of concern, create a risk mitigation strategy for each machine component, and assist in developing muting zones to aid in increasing productivity.

Sentinel Machine Safety will then create truth tables to define exact intended safety hardware functionality, which assist the project integrator in correctly programming the safety PLC to make the most of the safety hardware. Once the functionality and specific safety strategy has been approved by the client, the project will move on to the final step, Safety Validation.

Muting Zones

  • Allows access to areas of the machine that would have traditionally required a lock out tag out procedure
  • *Safely make adjustments, clear jams, or replenish materials
  • Prevent unexpected machine movement