Soft Starter & Elevator Starter Repair

Soft Start and Elevator Starter Repair

Soft Starter & Elevator Servicing

Elevator Starter Repair Services

Quad Plus specializes in the repair of elevator motor systems.

We focus on Solid State Starters, Elevator Controllers & Elevator Power Units

The Solid-State Starter reduces the motor damage caused by large spikes on the building"s electrical system. An additional solid state overload relay protects the motor from damage. Also incorporated into this product is a reverse phase relay designed to prevent the motor from initiating or running during of a line loss.

The Solid-State Starter can be installed during new installations or to replace across the line or Wye-delta magnetic motor starter contactors which all hydraulic elevators have.


How Quad Plus Can Help You

If your reduced voltage soft starter needs refurbishing, is breaking down — or seems like it’s about to — contact us.

We'll fix your soft start in our shop!

Quad Plus repairs down to the component level, following manufacturers’ specifications and procedures.We service reduced voltage soft starters by manufacturers, some of which include:

  • Siemens (Authorized Repair Center)
  • Nordic
  • Furnas



Reduced maintenance costs & potential nuisance issues
Increased electrical efficiency
Quieter & smoother operation
Eliminates Damage from electrical spikes