Test Stands

Test Stands

Test Stands

Test Stand Design

Quad Plus is known to many industries for turn-key electrically driven test stands used in product validation. In recent years, Quad Plus has expanded to include multiple divisions and disciplines to better service customers in the engineering, design and construction of test facilities.

A recent project produced a high horsepower (HP) stand to test hydraulic fracturing pumps following manufacture or repair. The scope of the project was to produce a turn-key solution that included design, manufacturing and installation on site. The stand supports pumps from 1000 to 3000 HP with flows of up to 1,400 gal / min at 15,000 psi. Water used to test the pumps goes through a reclamation treatment system for subsequent test sessions. Lubrication for the power end and fluid end of the pump under test is integrated into the test stand. The system includes:

  • Electric drive
  • Test data acquisition
  • Control for multiple testing profiles
  • Multi-station closed circuit Television (CCTV) with integrated thermal imaging
  • An electrically activated choke.

Quad Plus provided the systems integration to deliver an extremely functional and reliable solution allowing the customer to improve the design of their pumps and meet the extreme demands of their clients.

How Quad Plus Can Help You

We listen to client needs and provide solutions customized to meet those needs using up-to-date automation, control and generator management systems. Whether developing new systems or retrofitting existing systems, Quad Plus works to provide the best value to meet client needs. When legacy equipment remains viable, an engineered right-sized solution to extend the service life of legacy equipment can offer significant savings and minimal disruption of operations. Contact us for more information.