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Mobile Power Generation

Mobile Power Generation

In strategic alliance with a gas turbine power manufacturer, Quad Plus offers high capacity mobile power solutions suitable for the large power demands of electrically-powered field equipment like well stimulation and servicing equipment. Available capacities range from 5 MW to 30 MW in one to two trailer packaging depending on capacity, distribution, and switchgear needs. For example, a 30 MW package could occupy two trailers as follows:

  • Generation–gas turbine, speed reduction transmission and electric generator
  • Control and Distribution –Generator management, breaker protection, power distribution, and controls according to the job requirements

Packaging options include:

  • Trailer
  • Skid,
  • E-House,
  • Assembly from shipping splits for specialized facilities.

How Quad Plus Can Help You

We provide power solutions optimized for your specific needs and budget. Quad Plus offers more than 20 years of experience with engineering, systems integration, and manufacturing in response to client needs. Contact us for more information.