Mobile Power Packages

Mobile Power Packages

Quad Plus has formed a strategic alliance with a mobile gas turbine power plant manufacture to provide power capacities from 5MW-30MW in unitized packaging as needed by customer requirement. Depending on capacity, the generator package can consist of one to two units for trailer, skid, or assembly in an offshore structure. For example, a 30MW gas turbine package can consist typically of two trailer mounted units.

  • Power–Industrial gas turbine and electric generator system
  • Control and Distribution –Turbine-Generator management, power distribution, and controls according to the job requirements

Quad Plus Mobile Power Capabilities:

  • New Mobile Units
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Technical Surveys and Studies

How Quad Plus Can Help You

From your requirements, we can produce a solution optimized for your specific needs and budget. As a systems integrator with more than 20 years of experience, we have engineering and manufacturing resources across the United States. Best of all, our field engineers can keep your systems running nationwide. The Quad Plus team has experience from a variety of industries and applications. Let us know of your challenges. Contact us for more information.