Electric Winch / Anchor Handling

Winch Control Systems

Electric Winch Services

Quad Plus is a leader in providing variable speed drives and controls for winch applications. As a systems integrator we can provide a variety of solutions and replacement options for offshore winch applications such as:

  • Anchoring and mooring winches
  • Towing winches
  • RoRo ramp winches
  • Active heave compensated (AHC) winches
  • Spooling winches
  • Launch and Recovery winches

New Retrofit and Installation Options

In addition to traditional servicing options, Quad Plus offers Smart Winch; an LV drive controller system with key features built in for electric hoists and winches, making even lower HP applications economically attractive. Smart Winch provides active heave compensation from Motion Reference Unit (MRU) input providing line force, speed, and length measurement without need for other external sensing devices. All controls and software are built into the drive. No PLC or load cells required.

Smart Winch Features:

  • Full torque at zero and low speed enabling winch start and stop smoothly
  • Reduced noise
  • Synchronized control for mechanical disc brake in starting and stopping of the winch
  • Dynamic braking with an integrated brake chopper and external braking resistor
  • Control software with parameters for anchoring, auto mooring, and hand mooring
  • Special packaging for NEMA 4X and Class I Div2 installations available

How Quad Plus can help you

We listen to client needs and provide solutions customized to meet those needs using up-to-date automation, control and generator management systems. Whether new systems or retrofitting existing systems, Quad Plus works to provide the best value to meet client needs.