E-Fracking Development

Quad Plus provides mechanical and electrical design, integration, and manufacturing services of specialized electrical packages for use in the evolving well completion and well services industries. With today’s requirement for economy, reduced noise, and reduced emissions, the use of generated power and electrically driven equipment is replacing the traditional diesel driven high horsepower pumps, proppant delivery systems, hydration units, and blenders. Quad Plus offers a diversified skilled technical team familiar with industry demands for developing the next generation of fracturing equipment and well service equipment.

Working with industry leaders, Quad Plus has the experience to deploy the latest technology for electrifying energy development and production tools for the well site using gas turbine-powered generators and VFDs for a variety of applications. The Quad Plus technical team can assist with design selections to achieve industry targets such as increasing reliability, decreasing spread footprint, reducing noise levels and reducing emissions by using well head gas to power mobile generation plants.

How Quad Plus Can Help You

Look no further if you want a partner to assist with bringing your concept for the next generation of electrically-powered well stimulation and service equipment. We understand that there is no single approach that applies to all clients. Quad Plus will provide the necessary consultation to bring a revolutionary and optimal solution to help meet your objectives. Our services include:

  • Designing and sizing power generation plants to meet portability, set-up, and rig-down rigup objectives
  • Designing a ruggedized VFD package for trailer transport using proven technology
  • Manufacturing of specialized electrical packages for a variety of well service equipment that can include VFDs of both MV and LV operation
  • Sourcing motors to meet specific torque and speed requirements, performance requirements, and weight restrictions
  • Designing a safe and reliable interconnect solution using the latest products and technology
  • Optimizing the control system through the use of wireless networks and high speed communication systems
  • Developing instrumentation and data acquisition to meet most client goals of predictive analytics

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