Working with Power Companies

Power Study Information

Working With Power Companies

Power Company Approval Services

Considering a car shredder? We can perform a power study which will model the shredder on the local power grid and show the effect it will have on the electrical system. For most sites flicker will be the most serious issue, but we can also model other power quality issues such as harmonics and power factor. We work with all types of electric motors such as DC shredder drives, AC wound rotor drives, and AC squirrel cage motors in addition to your downstream and auxiliary equipment.

Power Study Report

All the data you need for negotiations with the power company to get approval for your mill. We will provide a power single line diagram of the facility and flicker analysis. As well as, the power quality standards compared to our findings and recommendations for meeting IEEE and local quality standards in the most cost-effective manner.


Solve Existing Problems with a Power Analysis: How Quad Plus Can Help You.

If you have an existing problem with the power company, our systems integrators can determine the source and recommend solutions. We have traveled worldwide to seek out the source of abnormal voltage fluctuation and current distortion, plus a host of other issues. Drawing on our vast and varied experience, and using the appropriate measuring and modeling tools, we will assist you in resolving your electrical power issues and improve your profitability.


Optional Services Available

We will present the power study to the power company and attend meetings, fill out the power company "new service request" forms, and help get an estimated power bill along with advice for lowering the bill .