High Voltage Design

High Voltage Design

High Voltage Design

High Voltage Design Services

Quad Plus understands the electrical requirements of the main motor for your car shredder and your downstream and auxiliary equipment. In many cases we have interfaced with your power company to get approval for your site.

We have proven design experience. Our knowledge of your system, industry requirements and government regulations makes us the ideal company to design the high voltage electrical system for your site.

This is a critical part of the design for your site. Utilize the skills and experience of a company that knows the unique requirements of a car shredder facility.

AC motor

Power Company Interface

Quad Plus will complete power company load forms, review local power company connection requirements, and coordinate the connection between the wire on the poles and customer-owned equipment. We will finally handle receiving power company approval for connection design and equipment.

High Voltage Equipment Specification

Our company will handle the sizing and specification for substation, transformers, switchgear, capacitor bans and other required equipment. Then we will design appropriate disconnects and circuit protection for the circuits.

Cable and Equipment Layout

Quad Plus will ensure it does not obstruct site traffic while guaranteeing the most cost-effective layout. Overall we will consider all safety issues and allow flexibility for future growth.