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Large Drives - Auto Shredding

Our Large Drive Experience and Services

The Large Drive Division serves Siemens medium voltage (MV) clients and auto shredders across the globe. Quad Plus supplies the large equipment that allows an auto shredder to run; whether it is an AC drive system or a DC drive system. Before an auto shredder is even built, Quad Plus can provide power quality expertise in the planning stages by helping clients receive power company approval from their local utility for the electricity it will take to run the auto shredder; offer high voltage design with substation transformers; and work with mechanical, structural, electrical, and civil engineers to design an auto shredder that meets the needs of each specific client and the job site’s environment.

How Quad Plus Can Help with your DC System Needs

The DC systems consists of an electric motor, transformer(s), circuit breakers, and electric drive cabinet. The drive cabinet is built at the Quad Plus facility in Joliet, IL. A drive cabinet is a two to five-door metal cabinet housing electrical equipment that converts electricity from the utility line to a usable form for the shredder. The custom-built transformer is purchased through trusted vendors, and the DC Motor is purchased through motor shops Quad Plus has worked with extensively for decades. A DC motor consists of a stator (aka a field frame), which is the outside metal frame that holds the motor, and an armature, which is the, “guts,” of the motor that makes the motor run.

How Quad Plus Can Help with your AC System Needs

An AC drive system has two options: a squirrel cage induction motor or a wound rotor induction motor (WRIM). The squirrel cage consists of either a soft start (reduced voltage motor starter) or a variable frequency drive (VFD), a motor protection relay (Multilin 469), and a motor input transformer. A WRIM consists of a liquid rheostat, motor protection relay (Multilin 469), and a motor input transformer. Quad Plus is partnered with TECO-Westinghouse to supply AC WRIMs.

Car Shredder and Recycling Expertise

Quad Plus has installed 1000 HP, 1500HP, 2000 HP, 2500 HP, 4000 HP, and 5000 HP drive systems, along with the largest shredder in the world at 10,000 HP. From auto shredder parts, periodic maintenance, repairs, and emergency service to upgrades and energy consulting to lower power bills, Quad Plus is an integral part of the entire life cycle of an auto shredder.

Quad Plus has the largest field service team in the recycling industry. We can provide field service and preventative maintenance for your shredder drive motor and electrical controls. With a large inventory of spare parts and an authorized repair center we can get you back up and running fast.

Trusted Siemens Representative

As a Siemens Medium Voltage Representative, Quad Plus can provide Siemens MV parts, service, emergency service, and repair orders. From the Siemens Perfect Harmony GEN1 MV Drive to the Siemens SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180, your Siemens MV drive needs are covered.