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Industrial Machine Risk Assessment

Machine Risk Assessment

How Quad Plus Can Help Your Risk Assessment Needs

When the Risk Assessment process begins, Quad Plus Safety and the client will collaborate to form a Peer Risk Assessment Team. This group is established in order to provide a multi-discipline team that can view each potential risk and mitigation from several angles in order to provide a solution that works to the benefit of each party involved. Mitigation efforts that are too cumbersome, can impede work flow. It is important that this team includes members of the Operator staff as well. The intended list includes at least one member of each group, as follows:

  • Quad Plus Safety Analyst
  • Plant Manager or Project Manager
  • Operator staff
  • Maintenance staff
  • Plant Safety Manager
  • Plant Engineer, if available

The First phase of the Risk Assessment process will be conducted with the end user in order to establish each individual potential risk area in the production line. Visits or meetings with the end user may be required in order to obtain all of the necessary information in order to assess the manufacturing line. Machine drawings and maps will be consulted in order to obtain the clearest picture of the line. The Peer Risk Assessment Team will then assign a SIL (Safety Integrity Level) rating to each hazard to clearly label its severity.