Industrial Safety Services

Industrial Safety Services

Industrial Safety Services

Industrial Safety Services, Auditing, and Risk Assessment

Performing a formal risk assessment and documenting your organization’s safety mitigation efforts can serve as an important element of a legal defense in the unfortunate event of a mishap. Our industrial safety team provides consulting services with a four-step safety review process and documentation package with an emphasis on the machine control and reliability standards specified in ANSI B11 & ISO 13849-1/2 and IEC 62061.

The four-step Safety Review process and documentation package includes a peer risk assessment, development of mitigation strategies, implementation of engineered control solutions and field validation.

How Quad Plus' Safety Services Can Help You

As Certified Siemens Functional Safety Professionals, our industrial safety team provides an on-site verification of the functional safety of your new, relocated, or modified system, meeting the requirements established by the peer risk Assessment process and applicable international machine safety standards. Quad Plus will work to create hazard maps to identify areas of concern, create a risk mitigation strategy for each machine component, and assist in developing muting zones to aid in increasing productivity.

The process begins with a peer risk Assessment, with a Peer Group consisting of our industrial safety team and client personnel from multiple disciplines such as operations, maintenance, and engineering. Quad Plus works together with employees from the client company to evaluate all of the hazards that can be present in a specific manufacturing process.

Our industrial safety team at Quad Plus and the customers Peer Group will then focus their efforts on identifying all appropriate mitigation strategies, ranging from Administrative Mitigations like Standard Operating Procedures and Personal Protective Equipment to Engineered Mitigations that involve electrical and mechanical modification to the machine that can be applied to reduce risk in the process.

We then work to design and implement Engineered Control Solutions, typically involving use of a Safety PLC or Safety Relays and a combination of Light Curtains, Laser Area Scanners, and Safety Mats to increase safety where operators must interact with the machine. Finally, our industrial safety team will return after the installation and commissioning phases to provide third party validation of compliance with industry best practice safety standards complete with hard copy of the Safety Review Report confirming that the machine is reflective of the Safety Action Plan within the "Quad Plus Recommendation Report. “