Primary and Secondary Metals

Primary and Secondary Metals

Primary & Secondary Metals

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Primary and Secondary Metals Services

Quad Plus specializes in secondary metal applications in the following applications:

  • Cut-to-Length Lines
  • Hot Rolling Mills
  • Cold Rolling Mills
  • Rotary Shear Applications
  • Tension Leveler Lines
  • Pickling Lines
  • Paint Lines
  • Tube Mill Lines

How Quad Plus Can Help You with Our Metal Manufacturing Services

Quad Plus has emerged as an industry leader because of our strong commitment to application superiority and our unparalleled technical customer service capabilities. We have a solid reputation for field service performance and apply this to every system we engineer.

Process Line Sections

  • How to choose a lead (master) section.
  • Define line tensioning.
  • Recognizing and determining the need for drive control modes as ratio, draw, torque or electric line shaft.

Line Process Control

  • Slitters
  • Tube Mills
  • Roll Formers
  • Blanking Lines
  • Flying cut-offs
  • Accumulators

Unwinding and Winding

  • Unwinder/Uncoiler
    • Brake controlled or driven unwinds.
    • Constant torque mode.
  • Winder/Recoiler
    • Taper tension
  • Accumulators
    • Floopers
    • Loopers
    • Horizontal accumulator
    • Vertical accumulator
  • Flying Cut-offs
    • Fully integrated with drive unit, which does not require a position controller.
    • High-speed line control with positive position feed back.

System Integration

Quad Plus, Inc. offers complete system integration via interfacing with many tube mill peripherals.

  • Dedimplers
  • In-line ink jet printing
  • Coolant systems
  • Welders
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)