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Converting Services

Quad Plus not only has experience in web handling, but also process knowledge, which allows us the ability to handle all of your converting requirements.

How Quad Plus Can Help You in Your Converting Processes

Process Line Sections

  • How to choose a lead (master) section.
  • Define tension zones.
  • Recognizing and determining the need for drive control modes as ratio, draw, torque or electric line shaft.

Line Process Control

  • Coating
  • Laminating
  • Printing
  • Slitting

Unwinding and Winding

  1. Unwinds
    • Brake controlled or driven unwinds.
    • Tension control via load cell feedback.
    • Tension control via dancer feedback.
    • Constant torque mode.
    • Dual spindle flying splice(speed match, quick reverse)
  2. Winders
    • Surface, Center or Surface/Center.
    • Tension control via load cell feedback(either torque or speed trim).
    • Tension control via dancer feedback.
    • Taper Tension (start diameter, linear / parabolic).
    • Dual spindle flying transfers(speed match, current memory, torque boost)


Quad Plus, Inc. offers complete system integration via Interfacing with many Converting peripherals.

  • Web Guide systems
  • Coating delivery systems
  • Dryers
  • Treaters
  • UV and E-beam curing