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system integrator commissioning process

Quad Plus provides hands-on commissioning, onsite support during the startup process of your integrated system, for all projects. The original project design engineers will ensure the transition from installation to production is smooth. Our goal is to startup, test, calibrate, and ensure production meets your specifications. The added value we bring to your control system integration project is verifying that all controls are calibrated and configured properly. The system is then tested using real materials, and specifications are verified against real-world outputs. We go above and beyond, exceeding your expectations and past experiences with system integrators.

Why Quad Plus?

Quad Plus provides much more than commissioning. We offer you all the services necessary no matter what part of the Integrated Systems Lifecycle you are in. We also offer professional engineering, power services, systems integration/manufacturing, repair/service and industrial safety. Whether your company needs someone local, nationally, or globally, we can provide you with the services you need.

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What We Do

Our experienced engineers, that design your system, will come onsite during the commissioning process. They will perform the following steps and checks to ensure the most stable production environment.

I/O Checkout

control systems adjusted to meet design standards

The I/O checkout process ensures that PLC and control systems are properly adjusted to meet the required standards.

Power Up and System Testing

production process testing during commissioning

The entire production process will be tested by the original design engineers and any necessary adjustments will be made.

Drive Tuning

optimize drive performance during the commissioning process

Next, the drive system is tested and adjusted for optimal performance by our technicians.

Production Trials and Hand-Off

commissioning to ensure manufacturing line products meet customer specifications

Production trials are run to ensure products will meet requirements. Documentation is provided and the final hand off is performed.

I/O Checkout

adjustments are made during the commissioning process with checkout report

The I/O checkout process ensures that wiring is correct, inputs and outputs are working properly, and devices are giving the correct signals. Using the checkout report, adjustments are made to the PLC and control systems to meet the required standards.

Power Up and System Testing

visual inspection and mechanical inspection during power up stage of commissioning

Our technicians will perform a visual, mechanical, and electrical inspection to ensure trouble free startup. After a visual inspection the system is powered up to confirm the system meets the specifications and all components are functioning correctly.

Drive Tuning

engineer checks and tunes drives during commissioning

Once the controllers have been properly programmed, the drive system must be tested and tuned. Experienced engineers check all aspects of the system start to finish, including post commissioning checks, and fine-tuning calibration during occupancy.

Production Trials and Hand-Off

record of system settings and performance test results are handed off to the customer

The next step is performance testing, including production trials so that further adjustments can be identified. Often, a “dry run” will be performed to ensure the main line is running properly. Once properly calibrated, a “wet run” will be performed to test the entire production process, make necessary adjustments, and verify products meet the specifications.

Finally, during the hand-off stage, we provide a record of the system settings and the performance test results that demonstrate the control systems meet your specifications and required performance levels. Once commissioning activities are wrapped up, we record drawings, complete operation and maintenance manuals, ensure client access, and perform user training and demonstrations.


Our team of system integrators and process engineers have many years of experience in the industries listed below. Many of our technicians have worked in the specific industry before joining Quad Plus, so they have extensive knowledge of your control systems and production lines.

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Our integrated systems engineers will stay with your project during the entire commissioning process--the engineers that design your system are the same engineers who will perform the commissioning. We will verify all controls are calibrated properly and that all your product specifications tested with real-world materials. When you work with Quad Plus, we put our years of industry experience to work for you.

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