Circuit Breaker Repair

From the Electrical Service to the Drive Shaft

diagnose and repair problems with circuit breakers

At Quad Plus, we understand that your power distribution equipment is critical to the operation of your business. It is also a significant financial investment that must be maintained properly to ensure a long and productive life.

At the heart of every power distribution system are the circuit breakers that control the flow of power to protect your crew and your equipment from injury and damage. Our process for servicing circuit breakers set the industry standard and includes preventive maintenance, inspection, evaluation, repair, reconditioning, and retrofitting. Our team has been trusted with some of the most critical applications, including steel and manufacturing processes in every industry from industrial and commercial to government and utilities.

Why Quad Plus?

The Quad Plus process for circuit breaker repair has set the standard for the industry. When you need the best of the best for industrial circuit breaker repair and to retrofit circuit breakers, we are the right choice. Our customers enjoy pickup and delivery service from trained breaker technicians to ensure the safe transport of your equipment. We provide 24/7 emergency services along with rental circuit breakers to maintain the integrity of your operation--even when critical breakers need immediate attention. Our professional quality control team tracks and documents each breaker from arrival to return, and we offer a one-year warranty on all serviced breakers.

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Circuit Breaker Repair Process


Design a high-voltage electrical control system for your auto shredder

Visual and Qualitative inspection to look for soundness, signs of overheating or excessive arcing, alignment, pressure, wear, corrosion, and indicator operation. Includes (when present) power control fingers; main contacts; arc chutes and contacts; close, trip, and cell interlock mechanisms; auto trip indicator, and breaker frame. Additional tests include insulation resistance tests of power conductors, DC contact resistance measurements, high-potential tests, and operation of the breaker in the test position.

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Cut your auto shredder power bill by reducing peak energy usage

A test sheet will be supplied showing test results and observations along with recommended remedial actions. Each item is assigned a grade of A, B, or C to indicate the breaker’s condition, wear, use, and operation. Breakers given an “A” are in good condition with slight wear and used under light conditions. A “B” grade is satisfactory condition with normal wear under heavy conditions; a “C” indicates immediate action required for proper operation.

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Repair and Clean up

Analysis needed to receive approval from the power company for your shredder

Once the breaker has been repaired, it will be cleaned and prepared to be put back into operation. Dust and light residue will be cleaned off. Any mechanisms that need lubrication will be attended to. If the breaker shows any abnormal corrosion or is otherwise in an abnormal condition or state, this will be reported to the customer.

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repairing circuit breakers

For ABB circuit breaker repair, or for any circuit breaker that has failed to operate correctly or meet the manufacturer’s performance specifications during periodic routine testing, count on the Quad Plus experts for fast circuit breaker repair. In most cases, we can complete repairs within 2 to 3 days, depending on your needs and the availability of parts and emergency turnaround service is available.

Every repair begins with a visual inspection of each circuit breaker for worn or missing mechanisms. Electrical testing and analysis are then performed to determine if there are any issues with the circuit breaker. Upon approval for repair, defective parts are removed and replaced with new parts. A final test and inspection is performed to ensure proper operation before the circuit breaker is returned.


refurbishing and reconditioning circuit breakers

Quad Plus follows strict reconditioning and refurbishment processes as defined by ANSI/IEEE C37.59 and we use only OEM or manufacturer-recommended parts without altering the breaker’s original design. We offer partial reconditioning that focuses only on problem areas or a complete teardown and rebuild of the breaker to return mature breakers into a “like new” condition. Every repair comes with a one-year warranty so you can be confident of your repaired parts.

The process begins with disassembly, inspection, cleaning, and repainting (or zinc-chromate plating) if required. The breaker is then reassembled with replacement parts and lubricated as needed. The final step is mechanical operation and electrical testing to verify proper functioning of the breaker before returning it to the customer.


retrofitted circuit breaker

Do you have breakers that are decades old and want the advanced protection features available on modern breakers, but without the expense of a new system? Quad Plus will retrofit circuit breakers to provide a robust and reliable system that reduces losses resulting from downtime and upgrades. Retrofit components can be installed using existing facilities and require no additional space, saving up to four times the area of replacing existing equipment with new systems.

Quad Plus experts will retrofit with solid-state upgrades, state-of-the-art trip units, and arc flash compliant devices. Gain additional safety and security without the hassle and expense of a complete system upgrade.

Preventative Maintenance

prevenative measures for circuit breakers

Proper maintenance will ensure the ongoing operation of your equipment and the safety of your crew while eliminating problems before they develop into serious repairs and costly downtime. Quad Plus experts will develop breaker preventive maintenance procedures that are specific to your operations. That way, you can be confident that your systems are being cared for properly while also improving the safety and reliability of your electrical system.

Supported Devices and Parts Availability

supported devices and available parts

Because we’ve been working in this industry for more than 30 years, we have relationships with manufacturers and a unique sourcing process that allows us to supply parts for a variety of circuit breakers--even obsolete parts. If the part you need is not available, we have remanufacturing sources to get most obsolete parts made.

We support low and medium voltage breakers up to 34KV, vacuum and oil-filled breakers, SF6 breakers, disconnect devices, and insulated case breakers. Some of the manufacturers we support include (but are not limited to!) Westinghouse, General Electric, ABB, Allison-Chalmers, Roller Smith, ITE, Square-D, Nelson, Mears, McGraw Edison, Cutler-Hammer, Eaton, Federal Pacific, and Siemens.

Let’s Get to Work

circuit breaker repair

The Quad Plus team has set the standard for circuit breaker repair. We know that your power distribution equipment is critical to your safety and ability to operate effectively. Whether you need emergency service for a critical breaker, retrofitting to improve the safety and reliability of your existing system, or need help establishing an effective preventive maintenance schedule, we can help. Our process for servicing and repairing circuit breakers will protect your crew and ensure a long life for critical equipment.

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